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Past Reunions


Was on Saturday 11th May at the Youth Centre in Derwent Drive attended by about 35 ex-youths. We all had a jolly time!


Bletchley Youth Centre rocked on  Saturday 12th May,  as we old friends gathered together once more to talk, and dance and eat and drink and generally make merry. Thanks to all those who turned up and helped to make it another sucessful reunion.

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The 2011 reunion was held on Saturday 7th May at the newly refurbished Bletchley Youth Centre, in Derwent Drive. The event was attended by 40+ people some who have attended many reunions, others that joined us for the first time. I think all who attended will agree it was a fun evening with talk and laughter, music and dancing, eating and drinking and general merriment alround. Thanks to all those who turned up and made it an evening to remember. A special thanks to those who helped with the food and the setting up and clearing up. Looking forward to the next one now!

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The 2010 reunion was held at York House, Stony Stratford on the 15th May. Whilst the turn out was not as big as last year the fun factor was just as large. As well as many faces from previous reunions there were a quite a few first timers. Everwhere I looked all evening all I saw was happy friends catching up on each others life stories and lots of joking and laughter. Thanks to all who came and made it such fun.

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The 2009 reunion took place at Bletchley Youth Centre, on the 9th May, attended by about 80 people. It was by all accounts the best reunion so far! Having the old Youth Centre was a real bonus and contributed to the overall good atmosphere. Big thanks to Babs and Mick Dale who did so much to ensure the evening was the great success it was. Also many thanks to Patrick Woodington, Anthony Day, Ian Fraser, and Sam Burns for entertaining us so well, and to Clare for feeding us, and finally a big thank you to all of you who turned up and joined in.

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The 2008 reunion took place at Bradwell Youth Hostel, Milton Keynes, on 10th May. The event was attended by about 40 people. Star guest was of course Barrie who was celebrating his 70th birthday with us.


The 2007 reunion took place at the Swan Hotel in Fenny Stratford on the 12th May. It was attended by about 35 people and a good time was had by all!

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