give me the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance every time - Douglas Adams

Motorcycle Maintenance

The art of motorcycle maintenance is similar to the art of riding of motorcycle riding in that it is essentially about concentration and being systematic. The cleaning process is moving from front to back from top to bottom, missing nothing, doing nothing twice. To see every component of the machine and be familiar with it. There is joy to be gained from the simple task of cleaning and polishing every nook and cranny of this complex machine. Happiness is about mind control, controlling your own mind. The mind can be likened to a hyperactive monkey, very amusing and entertaining at times, but without good training and constant occupation the mind will bounce around the inner landscape driving you nuts. Zen emphasizes the personal expression of experiential wisdom in the attainment of enlightenment. Its not about theoretical knowledge, its about self-realization through meditation and practice.

Maintaining a motorcycle may not seem like meditation, but do it right and it can be.