give me the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance every time - Douglas Adams

Jottings Of A Magpie Mind

My mind is like yours and not like yours. I sometimes have difficulty remembering which day of the week it is, but I remember the formula for a quadratic equation! This is not some form of Alzheimer's disease, I have been like this since childhood. All of us absorb information and can later recall it, but we are selective otherwise our head would become overloaded with irrelevant and useless stuff. The difficulty is knowing which information is going to be relevant and useful at some time in the future. I seem to remember things that other people choose to forget, because I find them attractive in their own right. This behaviour has been noticed by my family and friends and one long time friend said to me “your mind is like a magpie that collects bright shiny things.” In the spirit of openness with which I try to lead my life I have decided to share some of this mine of useless information and some of the "bees in my bonnet" in a series of short essays, which I have grouped under the title Jottings Of A Magpie Mind. 


The Meaning Of Life


Why Vegetarian


Evolution Of Love

Pleasure Boat

Natural Nature's Best

Motorcycle Maintenance


How To Be Happy


Better Angels Of Our Nature